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The island Bonaire

Friendly people

Bonaireans are pleasant and helpful, though they do not look fast rapprochement with tourists. In the eyes of the islanders your stay as Europeans still a macambas, a white outsider. It can therefore greatly help if you speak a few words of Papiamento. If you then with Bonaireans talking touches the conversation quickly becomes cheerful. Family life is very important for Antilleans. Respecting the way of life and customs of the Bonaireans is therefore certainly in place and is the relationship between the two can only benefit. The rhythm of life of the islanders is different from that of the Dutch. They have a nice term for "easy" poko-poko or trankilo.



The Netherlands Antilles are dissolved on October 10, 2010. Bonaire has become a special municipality of the Netherlands and it joined the Dutch state and the island received a public body (special municipality).

The climate

Bonaire has a tropical arid climate and it is warm all year round. The humidity is quite low and the ever blowing trade winds are cools. The daytime temperature is between 28 and 31 degrees and at night it cools down to about 24 degrees. The seawater temperature is from January to May around 26 degrees and then gradually increasing to approximately 28 degrees. Most wind blowing in February, March and August. Bonaire lies outside the hurricane zone and is little affected by the fierce storms that sometimes put on other Caribbean islands. During the hurricane season it is sometimes no wind on the island, the air is sucked into other areas in the region. Short rains can occur throughout the year. Only 500 mm of rain per year is average with the months of November and December are the wettest.

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