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Snorkeling on Bonaire

Those who cannot dive or do not want to dive can still resort to snorkel. Everywhere on Bonaire where the sea is calm you can go snorkeling because near the coast you can find all abundant marine life. Snorkel gear is available for rent anywhere or for sale in diving shops. Use your flippers or wear surfing shoes, diving boots or plastic sandals to protect your feet from rocks, coral and other things that can prick your feet.

Lubricate yourself with good waterproof sunscreen and wear a T-shirt to prevent burning.


For snorkelers applies hit underwater nothing and do not stand or sit on the reef. Do you have any experience with snorkeling practice first in the pool and always start in shallow water. 

You can also follow a snorkeling course or join a snorkeling excursion where you are going with a small group at sea under the guidance of an instructor. And remember, even snorkeling you can sometimes encounter special animals.

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