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Kayaking on Bonaire

Kayaking can also on Bonaire and is very rewarding. The sea on the west coast is pretty quiet which makes it possible to create a safe kayak here.

It is also possible to make an organized tour and occasionally it can be combined with a snorkel trip.


Very nice is kayaking in the mangroves at Lac Bay. The mangroves at Lac Bay are the nursery of marine life in the Caribbean sea around Bonaire. The conservation area is unique and an important breeding ground for many exotic birds. It is only possible to explore the area by a guided kayak tour. The kayak tours are limited offered to put minimal pressure on the mangrove forest.


During the kayak is also possible to snorkel in the mangroves. The wealth of tropical fish and exotic plants and beautiful light, makes kayaking and snorkeling in the mangroves a brilliant experience.


Kayaking through the mangrove forest of Lac Bay is in the top 10 activities you can undertake on the island of Bonaire.


In addition to kayaking through the mangroves you can also take a tour with a solar boat. This tour is only available from Monday to Saturday with a minimum of four persons and one should book in advance.

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