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What can you take on Bonaire?


Diving and snorkeling

Bonaire's economy must have especially tourism. One of the biggest attractions is the beautiful underwater world of the island. The island calls itself "divers paradise" and about half of all tourists coming to dive or snorkel. There are many divers selected for diving and snorkeling sites that are accessible from the shore. On land give yellow boulders the sites that are accessible from the shore.


All the waters around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are part of the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) a marine protected area to a depth of 60 meters.

Anchoring and spear fishing are prohibited as well as touching coral.

All scuba divers contribute financially to the upkeep of the park with a compulsory contribution of $ 45, -. Snorkelers, anglers, windsurfers and other users of the BNMP pay $ 25, -. For this you get a plastic coin which is for sale at diving and water sports centers. The medal is also necessary for the Washington Slagbaai National Park, together with the admission ticket valid for one year.


On Bonaire you can fishing. Both from the coast but also in the deeper waters can be fished for big pelagics like wahoo, tuna, marlin or barracuda. Whole and half day trips can be booked or you can go with a local fisherman on stage.

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Includes the mangroves Bonaire among the protected marine park. On the east coast of Bonaire around Lac Bay, you can paddle a kayak through the mysterious world of the mangroves. Kayaks are available for rent and you can also kayak guided.


On the east side of Bonaire is the lagoon Lac Bay. The steady onshore winds and calm shallow waters make it the windsurfing location of Bonaire. On the south side of the bay at Sorobon Beach are two windsurf centers: Jibe City and Bonaire Windsurf Place. You can rent windsurfing equipment and kayaks and take lessons.


Bonaire windy conditions are ideal for kite surfing. Using inflatable and brightly colored kites and special boards are water ernorme speeds achieved. More information about kitesurfing is available at


Washington Slagbaai National Park

A trip to this park natural nobody should miss, it's Bonaire at its wildest. There are car routes plotted in the park and a bike trail. Go back in time off for certain times from the long routes are closed.


Bird watching

For birders Bonaire is a paradise with over 200 species of which some indigenous and some just passing through. About 50 species breed in Bonaire. Flamingos are the most notable. But parrots, hummingbirds and protected Lora (yellow wing amazon parrot), the oriole and herons can be spotted there.

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